Akalabeth: World of Doom for Commodore 64

Produced by: Dungeoneer Games & Simulations
Website: http://dungeoneergames.altervista.org/akalabeth-world-of-doom-for-commodore-64/
Forum Thread: Akalabeth: World of Doom [WIP] @ Lemon65

Dungeoneer Games have released — albeit, for now, only in a limited run of fifty copies on 5.25″ diskettes — Andrea Schincaglia’s Commodore 64 port of Richard Garriott’s Akalabeth. This is a full port of the game, implemented with BASIC and MC (to handle higher-resolution graphics). No major changes have been made from the original version of Akalabeth, apart from some reworked art.

There’s no word, at present, as to whether a disk image will be released for download, and obviously no additional diskette copies are available at this time (the first fifty having been snapped up in a matter of a few hours).

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  1. Thanks to you.
    The first disk of 50, is for Richard Garriott : )

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